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What is an Ecojoist
Ecojoist® if an efficient open web floor joist system which is widely used by housebuilders and commercial property developers across the UK.
Ecojoist® consist of parallel stress timber flanges joined with engineered V-shaped steel webs with nailplated zones supplied from Gang-Nail®. The result is an easy to install floor and flat roof system, and with its open web design, enables fast fixing of plumbing and electrical infrastructure.
Ecojoist our capabilities
Robinson Manufacturing is the UK's largest manufacturer of Ecojoists®, with production facilities for 5000 floors per annum. Together with the most modern, purpose built production and design equipment, we offer an unrivalled service to our customers.
Ecojoist Sales and technical support
Our sales and technical support staff have many years of relevent industry experience. We are able to help and advise on technical issues.
We work closely with architects, engineers, contractors, surveyors and builders to offer expert advice from initial building development stages to co-ordinated supply of the finished product.
If necessary we will also offer on-site support and training for the timber engineered products we supply.
Ecojoist span table
All spans are displayed in metres, and are dependent on floor loads, partitions etc.
At 400mm Centres
Timber size mm
47 x 72
47 x 97
47 x 122
219mm deep
253mm deep
304mm deep
375mm deep
At 600mm Centres
Timber size mm
47 x 72
47 x 97
47 x 122
219mm deep
253mm deep
304mm deep
375mm deep
Ecojoist regulations
Ecojoist® has been successfully tested in accordance with:
BS476: Part 8: 1972 - 30 minute Fire Resistance
BS476: Part 21: 1987 - 60 minute Fire Resistance
Approved Document E - requirement E2, 40dB airborne sound installation
Ecojoist cost savings
One of the major benefits when using Ecojoists® are the potential cost savings. With a design which is light and easy to install and with its unique open web framework, Ecojoists® minimise waste materials and enable rapid installation of services.
Due to the reduced amount of timber used in the Ecojoist® system, making it lighter, joists can be easily transported around the site, positioned and adjusted prior to fixing. The need for load bearing walls is reduced which can result in further cost savings for foundations.
National House Builders have demonstrated that Ecojoist® will reduce installation time leading to savings on the overall project duration and cost, and can reduce maintenance in the longer term.
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Ecojoist Key Benefits
Open web system - No need to notch or drill for pipes and cables
Ecojoist® sizes are compatible with those of solid joists - No need for expensive drawing changes
> Lends itself for use in heat recovery systems (complying with code 4)
Virtual elimination of shrinkage - No more call backs
Joists are made to measure - No site wastage
Retrospective installation of additional services with minimum disruption
> Ecojoists® are 40% lighter than equivalent solid joists - easier handling on site
> Wide surfaces - easy flooring and plasterboard fixing
> Long continuous spans make Ecojoist® ideal for flat roofs and eliminate the need for intermediate support walls
> Ecojoists® are compatible with under floor heating systems
> Ecojoists® work with all standard fitting techniques and fixtures
> Designed to be compatible in size with solid timber sizes and brickwork
> Can be top chord supported - reducing the amount of metalwork required
JJI Joist design
Using a comprehensive floor design and layout software package we are quickly able to determine the most cost effective joist solution.
Our design engineers can then accurately produce detailed layout drawings, installation details, material call-offs, calculations and design quotations for virtually any building footprint.
We pride ourselves on being flexible in our approach, and quick to interpret our customer's requirements ensuring that all fixing and service details comply with Building Regulations.
JJI Joist manufacturing facilities
With the recent further investment in manufacturing equipment at our two production facilities in Wellingborough, Robinson Manufacturing continue to produce high volume, accurate, high quality products on a consistent basis, to meet our customers needs. Our current joist facilities include:
Two Ecojoist® saws
Four Ecojoist® assembly beds
Two Ecojoist® hydraulic presses
With our commitment to reducing the impact our industry has on the environment, we ensure that all our equipment is environmentally efficient and that our waste timber is minimal.
Ecojoist questions and answers
What is an Ecojoist® beam?
Ecojoist® beams consist of parallel stress timber flanges joined together with engineered V-shaped galvanised steel webs. The webs are fixed to the flanges via nailplated zones top and bottom.
How far can it span?
This will depend on the loads, overall depth and width of the joist. As a guide, span tables can be found on this page.
What is the strongback bridging for?
This is to create a "solid" feel to the floor structure by ensuring good load sharing between joists, thus limiting the effects of vibration.
What about fire?
Like all timber based floor systems Ecojoist® relies on the plasterboard fixed to its underside for the majority of its fire resistance. Generally speaking, 15mm plasterboard with a skim coat of plaster or artex will provide the modified 30-minute fire resistance required for domestic first floors.
Why is there an opening in the middle of the beam?
The positions of the webs are calculated from the end (or support point) of the joist towards the centre with any discrepancy being taken up in the middle bay.
Can I deck the floor at joisting stage, to provide a safe working platform?
Yes, Ecojoists® lend themselves ideally for this application, being open web constructed, services can be installed retrospectively, through the open space. (A 195mm deep beam will accommodate a 100mm plastic pipe). We recommend the use of Proprietary Weatherproofed Flooring - which can be laid at the joisting time and offers the opportunity to build a safe working platform as well as the finished floor in one operation.
Can I use Ecojoists® in floors to meet 'Part E' for flats?
Yes Ecojoists® out perform most joist systems and when a 253mm deep joist combined with a 36mm Eleco floor panel laid as a floating floor over standard decking, together with 15mm plasterboard below, have test results of 57db and 58db respectively for airborne and impact sound insulation. This applies to timber frame construction only.
Can I use Ecojoists® to meet building Regulation Requirement E2 for dwelling houses?
Yes, tests prove that 219mm deep Ecojoists® at 600mm centres when used with 22mm Chipboard decking screwed or nailed to joists together with 15mm Wallboard plasterboard fixed to the underside, offer a sound reduction of 40dB (Rw=40dB).
Ecojoist direct telephone number
Robinson Manufacturing - Floor Division
27-29 Don White Road,
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Finedon Road Industrial Estate,
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